Buying your new home can be quite the challenge and it should be one of the most enjoyable moments of your life. A place of amazing memories as well as a great investment.

Finding the right agent truly can be an absolute headache. That's why its just as important to find the right kind of agent. The one who caters to your specifics needs. So, when you look at Melissa Zee you need not look any further.

When you hire Melissa Zee you not only get her but you also get her team of experts. To Melissa Zee, this is not just a house it's your home. So, its not just business its PERSONAL. She will always deliver before, during and after.

Join the many who chose to become part of "The Melissa Zee Family" and prepare yourself for the best.

"Because Melissa Zee Can"

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When it comes to sellers, Melissa Zee understands that there is an emotional attachment of sorts.  Dealing with sellers can sometimes be a challenge.  "Price right" is key with Melissa, for she has too much integrity to overprice a property in order to get a listing. 

Her years of experience have taught her that overpricing can lead to a distressed property, which turns out to be "the kiss of death."  So pricing correctly, marketing, and the proper exposure will do it every time, because Melissa Zee can...

"Everything she lists turns to sold."


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